Places To Eat

When I was first diagnosed I just couldn’t get my head around not being able to eat what I wanted, when I wanted. I loved all food. I especially loved Malaysian and Singaporean hawker style cuisine. I loved Pho and my noodles in general. So as most freshly diagnosed people go through, the future was looking grim.It has been well publicised of late the fashionable trend in gluten-free lifestyle and whether it is safe or not and if it is actually a healthy lifestyle choice. For a coeliac, there is no grey area. There is or there isn’t, you have no choice. Unfortunately there are not many restaurants that can claim to be coeliac friendly in Perth. There are places that try their hardest to be gluten-free, but to be 100% gluten free takes some serious effort. If you want some further info on dining out and any other curly questions, check out the Food Industry page on Coeliac Australia’s website. And if you have any suggestions or know of any hidden gems, let me know!

So this page is dedicated to what I have found eating out and about and I’ll be updating regularly, so keep checking back. As I have said in my intro page, do not take what I have written as gospel. Please do your research.

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