The Search For A Decent Gluten Free Beer Begins

I love beer. Well, I loved beer. One could say a little too much. I loved big, stinky hoppy IPAs, heavier the better. I even brewed beer with a good friend. We actually won two Bronze medals in the amateur section at the Perth Royal Show Beer Awards. So you could definitely put me in the “beer enthusiast” category.

So to be told I couldn’t drink beer anymore was hard to stomach (pun intended). To be fair, it was probably a good thing. I was pushing 100kg and drank far too much. Since I was diagnosed I have tried a bunch of GF beer and haven’t been super impressed. But everything deserves a second chance. So I have scoured the shelves and probed into the world of GF beer to bring you this no holds barred insight into what is on the market for people with coeliac disease. I’ll be uploading new beers regularly, so keep your eyes on the page for some tasty brew reviews!

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