Coeliac Disease Support Group Australia

I wanted to make this Facebook Group the first of my friendly links. When I was first diagnosed I was seriously lost. I had no idea. I genuinely was picturing gluten to be a little green monster lurking everywhere. I even resorted to boiling the kettle and washing every cutting board and utensil before I used it. Anyway, someone recommended checking out the Coeliac Disease Support Group Australia page and I’m glad I did.

Straight away it was a massive weight off my shoulders to have every question I had thought of already asked by other people. It made me feel a whole lot less anxious and made me feel better about asking stupid questions. The people on CDSGA are a wealth of knowledge and kindness. Truly glad I found it.

They also have an awesome hashtag system which helps you find places to eat in your area, recipes, shops and all sorts of handy info. Just make sure you read all the rules when joining, it makes life (and the admins) jobs easier. Also the admin has a great Website which you should check out. It’s got some cool recipe ideas, hints and tips plus some sweet merch. Also give her Instagram page a visit while you’re at it!

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