Gluten Free Vegemite

“It puts a rose in everrrrrrrry cheeeeeeeek!”

I can’t claim to ever being a massive Vegemite fan growing up. I was more of a jam kinda guy. But I did dabble in the dark arts from time to time and I didn’t mind it, I just didn’t have it in my daily routine. But my housemate bought it home and I actually don’t mind it. It still has all the flavour of the original but without the gluten! It’s also FODMAP friendly and gets the nod from Coeliac Australia. So if you’re a long time lover or a new convert, get on board. It’s great.

Quick question for a rookie Vegemiter. How do you do your Vegemite? Are you an inch thick spreader or do you like it thin? What else do you combo it with? Let me know in the comments.

As we all know, coeliac disease is a serious condition. People have different tolerances to cross contamination and different allergens. So as always, please be vigilant and do your research before eating or drinking anywhere. The information on this website is accurate at the time of publication.

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