TWØBAYS – Ollie’s Hoppy Brown

“Our first seasonal release Ollie’s Hoppy Brown Ale is a great gluten free winter beer that emanates subtle cocoa aromas, light-roasted toffee notes and a gentle, playful bite.” 

Yes I know I just reviewed their IPA, but the Olli’s Hoppy Brown is a seasonal beer, so it won’t be around long. I managed to grab a four pack from the fine folks at Gangemi’s in West Perth. I planned to drink only a couple and save the rest for a rainy day. That didn’t happen. Man this is a good beer. Has all the goodies that you would expect from a brown ale. It’s kinda toasty in flavour, hoppy and just a bit bitter at the end. It’s damn good. It’s also named after the head brewers pooch which we love. Gotta honour our 4-legged friends.

Don’t snooze on it people – it will run out!

375ml | 5.5%
IBU 35 | EBC 38
Where can I get it from? Well, TWØBAYS have been expanding their empire and if you jump on their website, you can search STOCKISTS HERE which is super helpful.

Coeliac disease is a serious condition. People have different tolerances to cross contamination and different allergens. So as always, please be vigilant and do your research before eating or drinking anywhere. The information on this website is accurate at the time of publication.

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