Welcome Back

Wow it’s been a long time between posts. Where do I start?

Well, the last year or so has been nightmare with this crazy pandemic. I moved house just as it was kicking off and I started a new job. Working in a bottleshop, for the first time in my life I was deemed “essential” and I haven’t really stopped working, apart from having to iscolate for a few days waiting for a Covid test to come back (negative thank goodness). It’s been a crazy time for everyone. It was always my intention to keep this blog going, but I do suffer from procrastination at the best of times and have genuinly been pretty flat out. But this week I took some time off and am in Margeret River in front of fire, so it’s the perfect time to update. I have loads of new products, places to eat and beer reviews. So keep your eyes peeled here and on my social media channels which you can find linked at the top of the home page. Hope you are all safe and well!

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