Stone Jetty – Fish & Chips

“Gluten free? Stone Jetty makes it stress free.”

Since I was diagnosed, finding coeliac friendly fish & chips has been hard. When I came across Stone Jetty on a local GF page, I had to go check it out for myself. Stone Jetty is in the heart of Scarborough in a small group of shops as you head towards the ocean. It’s bright, clean and you can tell that all their produce is super fresh and high quality. After a quick chat with the staff, I found out that all their produce is fresh, local and sustainably sourced and it shows! They also clean, debone and fillet to order, so you know it’s going to be tasty! They have a huge kitchen area with a separate prep area, fryers and utensils for GF options and all the staff are really knowledgeable about gluten which is great. Even the condiments in the dining area are clearly labelled with what contains gluten and what doesn’t. They also have a selection of salads, tins of goodies, fresh fish to buy and a fridge full of food to take home. So if fresh, local seafood and produce is your thing, definitely pop in.

I live close to the city, so it is a little bit of a drive. But it is totally worth it. I highly recommend getting takeaway, a couple of drinks and making your way to the beach to watch the sun set over the Indian ocean… Perfect.

WHAT: Stone Jetty Fish Market

WHERE: 115a Brighton Road, Scarborough WA

WHEN: Mon 4:30pm-8pm, Tues-Sun 11am-8pm.

SOCIALS: Facebook, Instagram

Coeliac disease is a serious condition. People have different tolerances to cross contamination and different allergens. So as always, please be vigilant and do your research before eating or drinking anywhere. The information on this website is accurate at the time of publication.

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  1. As a coeliac its a real scavenger hunt to find fish and chips that aren’t made with or contaminated with wheat …..wherever you are in the world. Its all about perseverance because there ARE chippies here in England where its available, pubs and restaurants that have ALL their fish and chips GF, not just a separate batch cooked in a separate fryer.


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